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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good Morning and... Who Are You?

Last night before bed I had a craving
for pancakes.  I thought, oh how strange,
but this idea will go away - quickly.
When I woke up, I still wanted pancakes
and since I was the only one home, I figured
why not?  The truth is, I don't like pancakes.
I find they are lumped into the same category
with biscuits and waffles.  They taste good
but shortly after eating they feel like they have
tripled in size in your stomach and that never
feels good.  So, I ate them, they were good,
now I'll wait & see how they make me feel...
Do you every feel like you have suddenly
become a different person foodwise?  When
the food item you generally detest becomes the
only thing you can think about.  That has happened
to me a few times - mushrooms, avocado.  I hope
it's not going to be that way for pancakes...


  1. Last time I was longing for some "strange" food was when I was pregnant.....

    1. Regina~ That better not be the reason!!!!!

  2. I had a craving the other night for peanut butter on toast with my 3 berry jam that I made that morning.