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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dixie Diary ~ August

Confederate Silver
We are quilting along with Barbara Brackman's
Block of the Month, Dixie Diary.
This is how I made my block.  It may differ
from the original.
Fabric Requirements:
Fabric A & B:
1 - 14'' square each - mark a
diagonal line on the back of the
lighter fabric.
This is a very easy block since it is just
a quarter square triangle.
Pair the blocks with right sides together and
sew 1/4'' away from each side of the drawn
line, cut on drawn line and press seam to
the darker fabric. 
Mark another diagonal line as shown above
on the back of one of the half square triangles.
Place the half square triangles with right sides
together  (you want the lights and darks to be
opposite each other)  and take care to have
the opposing seams "lock" together, this will make
for a precise block.  Sew 1/4'' away from the new
drawn line, cut on drawn line and press final
seam open to reduce bulk.
You will have 2 blocks made but only need
one for this project, save the other for another
use.  To square this block to 12 1/2'', you need
to place a 12 1/2'' ruler so the diagonal lines of
the ruler rest on the sewn seams and then be sure
to position the 6 1/4'' intersection of the lines on
the ruler in the center as indicated by the arrow.
Then trim all 4 sides.
This is what your block will look like.
I have added the sashing and the appliqued
heart to my block as described in the January
Dixie Diary instructions.
Make multiples of this block for a
quick and easy quilt.

Add some sashing to change the look.

Rotate the blocks in alternate rows
and introduce some more color.

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