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Monday, August 19, 2013

Elle's Kitchen: Crostini

Around our American Homestead we love
nothing more than a delicious Mediterranean
style lunch.  And crostini should always be a
part of that lunch.  They are easy, inexpensive,
look great and work perfectly for transporting
food to mouth.
Take a nice baguette, I use the ones from
Trader Joe's or Panera Bread and slice very
thin, about 1/8  to 3/16 of an inch.
I use my olive oil sprayer which I find to
be one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.
They are quite inexpensive and you get
to use your own choice or olive oil instead
of a bunch of chemicals. Anyway, place bread
on a baking sheet and give a very quick spray.
Place under the broiler and keep the door open,
it only takes a few minutes.  I like mine to be
 golden and not brown.  Take out, flip and toast
the other side for a minute or so.
And this was the lovely lunch we enjoyed.
A delicious spinach salad, crostini, a few
cheeses, olives and a couple of tapenades.
My new find ~ the Roasted Red Pepper and
Artichoke Tapenade from where else?  Yep,
Trader Joe's!
Look at that cheese on the left, it is heaven
on a plate... Mr. Wonderful & Brennan were
heading home from Indiana University after
dropping off the first carload of college stuff
and decided to stop at TJ's.  We live about 40
minutes away from our Trader Joe's so we stop
in when we are in the area.  Wonderful called
and told me told me he picked up a Brie with
mushrooms that they were sampling that day. 
I told him to put it back.
I know the heavenly cheese when I see it but
couldn't remember the name.  I described it to
him but he wasn't finding it.  I told him I'd call
him right back, I called someone and pulled them
out of a Broadway show pre-set to get the name.
Yes, it's that good...
And the name you may wonder?  It is:
Le Delice de Bourgogne!
Don't eat it cold!  Wonderful put it on the ledge
of the back window of the car for the ride home
and it was soft and creamy and... heaven.

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