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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mrs. P. Pierce

Who Are You?

Okay, I admit it, I have a problem with
thing for silver.

I'm always on the quest for another
interesting piece for my collection.

I have LOTS of silver polish because when
I travel and find something new, I have to
polish it up to see the treasure beneath.
Someday, I'll wise up and bring along some
polish in a little travel bottle.

Does it bother me if someone else's
monogram is on it?  No, not at all.
That just makes it more interesting.

I never buy things at some chi-chi antique
store ~ that's no fun!  I want to rummage
through old boxes and bins at a flea market
or thrift store or garage sale.
It's all about the treasure hunt.

And that's how I found the Mrs. P. Pierce
spoons.  I was on my way to a quilt show
in Marion, IN, about a 1/2 hour from my
home and just as I was pulling into town
I spotted a huge sale at a church.  I had to
go!  Now I had $10 dollars in my pocket,
it was the cost of admission to the quilt
show.  I found a box filled with silverware.
It was the box that a case of soda would come
in,  when I asked the price they said it was
whatever I wanted to give.  I asked, "$10?"
So much for the quilt show....
But I've never regretted it.  I find this monogram
to be so strange, it is so specific.  Wouldn't it
be more common to just have a "P" or even 3
initials?  Did Mrs. P. Pierce have many sets of
silver and she needed something different on
this set?  I guess it's a question I'll just have to
ponder.  But in my house, you are an honored
guest when you get the Mrs. P. Pierce spoons.
My Mum always gets one with her tea.
And whenever I eat ice cream, I use one of
these to eat it, it just makes it taste better

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