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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Worldwide Quilting Day!

Many of my friends are spending the day with
other quilters at a local quilting event...  but I
am home putting the finishing touches on the
nine quilts for my book.
I have hand sewn the bindings, sleeves, labels and
even some yoyo's on 8 of the 9 quilts in the past
month ~ 4 of them since Tuesday.  It has been a long
 but wonderful process and now my fingers are tired.
Since I have done nothing but work for the past
year, my studio is looking a "bit" disheveled...
I guess I will have to add " Organize the chaos
that is your studio" to the to-do list.
So the quilts will be traveling across the country
next week to spend many months at the publishers.
There are photo shoots to be done and the technical
editing begins.  I will miss them, they have become
such a part of my life.
Best wishes for a Happy Worldwide Quilting Day
for those of you that are interested in this form of
artistic expression.  And if you are not a quilter,
maybe you are lucky enough to snuggle up with one.
I love thinking of all the quilters I have come to know
all over the world, I wish I could see where you work,
where you shop for fabrics and your finished projects.
All the best ~ Ellen


  1. Congratulations on finishing your quilts. I'm sure you will miss them -- they just become a part of us, somehow. I love the butterscotch/rust fabric in the stack on your chair. What is the title of your new book? Have you published other books?

    1. This is my first book, there is no firm title yet. It is a very long process...


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