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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Electronics Bag

I feels like I have more electronics than clothing
when I travel these days.  I was looking for a travel 
bag that would hold all of my electronic equipment.
I had no luck.  So, I did what any creative person
would do, I made one myself.

There are side pockets for my laptop, kindle,
pocket camera, ipod and mini recorder.  On
the bottom is storage for all the cords and chargers.
On the left in the spot with the plastic bag is where
I put my Nikon and there is still room to slip in
my travel purse.  Perfect!

On this trip I have packed for 18 days in Europe
in one carry-on bag.  This is not due to baggage
fees.  On International flights you are generally
allowed at least one checked bag.  My problem 
was I didn't want to have to lug a large bag on all
the trains, ferries and trams we will be traveling
on for the first week and a half of our trip.  Mr.
Wonderful is checking a large bag but we have
planned it so he can fit his carry on inside that for
the first part of the trip.  The large bag is really
for bringing home the treasures I hope we will 
find.  And if I find LOTS of treasures, I'll buy 
another large piece of luggage for the trip home.

The journey begins this afternoon.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Oh the fun places you go! Enjoy, be safe and without saying, have fun! Martha


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