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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Honoring Women's Rights ~ Week 43

A bit of "Taking Care of Business"
On July 1 Google Reader will cease to
exist, so if you follow this blog on Google
Reader we will no longer be connected.
I took the advice of other bloggers and
went to  www.bloglovin.com and just clicked
a button to switch to that site and I get to
keep all the blogs I follow very easily.
Then I added Bloglovin to my favorites
list so I can easily access them.  I hope you
will do the same or something similar so
we can easily stay connected. Thanks ~ Ellen
Gentleman's Fancy

We are quilting along with Barbara Brackman's
Block of the Week, Grandmother's Choice.
This week I made the block according to the
given directions even though I am triangularly
challenged.  I could have made this with half
square triangles but you would not have been
able to fussy cut.  My block is wibbly-wobbly
but it is finished!!!  Did you hear my screams
all the way in Australia?
Sew a Fabric A small square to opposite sides
of the Fabric D fussy cut square.  Press seams
 to the outside.
Sew Fabric A small triangles to the remaining
sides of the Fabric D fussy cut  square,  press
seams to the outside.  Square to 4 1/8''.
Sew a Fabric B small triangle to each side
of a Fabric C large triangle as shown, press
 seams to the outside.  Trim dog ears.
Make 4.
Sew a Fabric A large triangle to the top of the
unit we just made as shown. Press seam to the
Fabric A triangle.  Do this to all 4 units.
Sew 2 small Fabric A triangles to the above
unit as shown, press seams to the outside.
Trim dog ears.  Make 2 of this unit.
Sew 2 of the above units to the center diamond
in a square unit.  Press seams to the outside.
This is the center diagonal unit.
Sew the 2 remaining triangle units to each side
of the center diagonal unit, matching seams.
Press to within an inch of its life ~ with starch!
Square to 8 1/2''.
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  1. Thank you Ellen :0) It's nice to follow along on your blog, your directions are wonderful. Love it... triangularly challenged! Your block looks very good to me, love your fussy cut fabric!


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