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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wanted: Quintessential American Christmas Village

I'm asking for help from the readers of the
American Homestead.  I'm working on a new
project and I'm looking for small towns
that evoke a quaint charm, they would need
to be within a 12 hour drive of Indianapolis.
I'm looking for sweet, little cottages
dripping with gingerbread trim.
Old fashioned downtowns with old-timey
holiday décor festooned across Main Street.
A place with décor consisting of more holly,
berries and pine than plastic.
I need to take photographs and snow would
be a nice addition, so somewhere with snow
in November or December.  Perhaps Wisconsin
or Michigan?  If you have any ideas, please
leave a comment or contact me by email.
Thank you!


  1. Except for the snow and distance (!) Waxahachie, TX would be perfect! I love to go to that town - there is a great quilt shop there. The county courthouse built around 1890 is in the center and there are lots of victorian homes. Too bad it isn't closer to you.

  2. Have you thought about Madison, IN?


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