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Saturday, November 16, 2013

International Shopping Spree

By this time next week our Thanksgiving
houseguests will have arrived!  That can
only mean it is International Week at our
American Homestead, Avalon.
We spent most of the day cleaning windows
and working on the lawn and gardens and
then headed down to the big city to start
gathering the products that will make our
meals interesting and delicious.
We started in the Asian market.
Then on to the Indian Market.  We didn't
buy much here because our guests live near
Iselin (Edison), NJ and that has been nick-
named Little India and the shopping there
is spectacular so those products will be
traveling across the country with them.
Then a stroll through a Mexican Tienda
just because it is big and filled with fun stuff.
And finishing up at Trader Joe's where
you can always find unique and tasty items.
I can't wait for the fun to begin!


  1. This crispy half chocolate covered thing on the second picture.
    We have these in Germany as well. They're called "Schweinohren" which pig's ears in English.
    ...MMMhhhh.... Tasty

  2. Oops, it's the third picture not the second, but I guess you have already noticed.

    1. Hi Pepitas, When we were at the German Christmas Markets we ate those cookies all the time. They are so good. I didn't know they were named pigs ears ~ funny! ~ Ellen

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