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Monday, March 3, 2014

Little Tibet

On Saturday we headed south to visit our
guy in Bloomington.  He has such a busy 
schedule that we only got to spend 2 hours 
with him but we made the most of it and
went out to lunch.  We headed to Kirkwood 
and we were going to go to our favorite
Turkish restaurant when we decided to take
a stroll down the street since the temperature
was above freezing and we were getting another
snow storm later in the day and temps in the 30's
actually felt balmy after the winter we have
endured.  Just down the block we came upon a
restaurant called Little Tibet and in our ongoing
quest to sample the foods of the world, we decided
to give it a try.

The boys had Kham Ando Thugpa, a hearty
stew.  I sampled Mr. Wonderful's and I found
it to be hot but not very flavorful.  The guy
from Bloomington requested a bolder heat 
level that I would call "Scorch Your Esophagus".
I sampled his too and I think I actually was
breathing fire for a bit.

I ordered Sha Balay, described as pan-fried
dough patties filled with seasoned ground beef
and yellow onion.  I didn't get what I ordered.
My patties had just a sliver of beef with no spice,
no onion, sadly...  Well, glad to try something new
and different but this is not food I would get a 
hankering for anytime soon.

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