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Friday, June 27, 2014

Present Perfect: Family Cookbook

Recently I was having a conversation with a 
friend and fellow cookbook hoarder lover.  She
was getting new shelves for her new house so
she could store her vast cookbook collection. 
(At this point I must admit I have two large 
barrister's bookcases filled with cookbooks.)
I asked my friend if she actually looks in the
cookbooks anymore, she admitted she doesn't.
I asked because I don't either.  Even if I know
a perfect recipe is in a particular book, generally
I'll just find it online and pull it up on my kindle
in the kitchen.

That got me to thinking, what books would I
keep and what books would I let go of.  That is
when I spied a perfect present I received many
years ago.  When I was getting married, my aunts
and cousins made me a family cookbook.  It is filled
with their favorite recipes to help me in my new
married life.  I love to look through this little book
and remember those who wrote in it, it is especially
poignant as the years go by and some of the 
contributors are no longer with us, but their memory
lives on...

The funniest addition to the book came from
my Aunt Jane.  Aunt Jane always threw great
parties.  The photo above is of many of the
cousins at one of her parties.  We were always 
theatrical family.  That's me, front row on the right.

Here is Aunt Jane's contribution:

These recipes all recorded are
to help you,

Mine is just a friendly word
or two,

Morton, Pepperidge Farm
or Sara Lee,

Put it all together and 
you have me!

Aunt Jane was ahead of her time.  Sandra
Lee of Semi Homemade Fame got a tv show
and book deals for what Aunt Jane had been
doing for years!  Put something on a pretty 
plate and serve it to happy people and who
cares if it was homemade!

This is one cookbook I will never get rid of.


  1. How fun! Certainly a cookbook to cherish. Sally

  2. I love it, the photo is adorable. Aunt Jane is my kind of person, my parents use to do the best parties and she decorated with a theme. This is 55 years ago.


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