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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life According to Plan

When we were young Mr. Wonderful and I lived 
the Big City life and it was great.  But we learned
after a few years that it was not what we wanted
We didn't write up a plan that sitting on the deck 
or in the gazebo of our back garden while enjoying
an iced coffee was going to make us happy but that
style of living was certainly part of the plan.

It has turned out that those little things in life have 
made us so happy.  Enjoying nature in our garden
can make us giddy with joy.

The happiness we get from watching the antics
of the birds in our garden is incredible.

We fill up the feeders and the show begins.

Melissa, do you remember this behemoth of 
a feeder from your visit all those years ago?
It is still in use, though a bit worse for wear...

We do have a thief though.  Some fairly large
animal is raiding the feeders at night.  He crushed 
one of our purple cone flowers.

And smashed this sedum autumn joy.  What can 
this animal be?  I think we will have to do a 
night watch to see.

The working side of our back garden is our little
farm.  It is so nice to run out and grab some fresh
veggies for dinner.  When I travel on trains in Europe
I can see little veggie patches in all the back yards.
What has happened in our country that so many 
people never do this anymore?  When I was young
it seemed like everyone had a little garden out back.

We love sharing our photos and stories on
facebook with other nature lovers.  This
simple life has brought us so much joy!


  1. The weather this evening is wonderful, windows open and all I did was sit and listen to the birds. I couldn't ask for a better day, I lived in the city and fast pace life but oh how I love simple.

  2. Your garden is lovely....I can't even grow one lonely tomato....and I would love to have veggies like we had back in Jersey....Mike had fabulous tomato plants down the side of his yard...They grew like wild fire...I knew poor Mike was getting old the year before he passed away when he called me one August morning to say it had snowed the night before and he was concerned that the snow was going to kill all his tomato plants....


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