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Friday, February 13, 2015

Is Mia A Hovawart?

And what is a Hovawart?

Image from Google Images

This is a Hovawart.  Until this morning I had never even 
heard of this breed of dog.  It is a German breed but they
are in the United States.  The name means estate guard dog
 and they are from the Black Forest.  When I saw the photo 
I thought ~ huh, that looks like my Mia the Wonder Dog.  

This photo is Mia.  We found our princess in a shelter
and they told us she was a Black Lab/Shar Pei mix.  We 
couldn't see any Shar Pei in her but that's the info the
shelter had.  When we took her to the vet, Dr. Sean said
she was a Black Lab/ Golden Retriever mix and that was
when I found out the dogs from the same litter can have
two different fathers ~ I never knew!  As time went on 
and her hair grew so long we just figured she was an All
American mutt, we thought there must be some Irish
Setter in her because of all her fringe.  She is an absolutely
striking animal, when we hike people are always telling me
I have the most beautiful dog.

From Google Images

This is a Hovawart puppy.  

This was my baby on the day I brought her home from
the shelter when she met her neighbors Max and Chessie
and they let her play with their toys.

I think she could be a Hovawart.  It only took me 12 years
to figure this out!

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