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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Easter Tree

It is Easter week and one of our little bunnies
will make it home from college to celebrate, the
other one has to work.  Growing up and getting a
job can put such a glitch in your plans for fun...
Today I gathered some branches from the crab
apple tree in the front garden and collected some
of my embroidered ornaments, some decorated 
eggs, some mini blue Christmas balls, a few wreaths
I made as a young bride many years ago and some
prisms from old chandeliers and decorated a tree for 
our dining room table.  Mr. Wonderful  and I rarely
eat in the dining room nowadays, the table seems
too big and empty with just the two of us.  We put 
a smaller table in our family room ~ another sign
of our empty nest honeymoon cottage.

Though it was chilly this morning and we still had
frost, it has turned into a beautiful Spring day.  The
windows in the studio are open and a gentle breeze 
is floating in.  I was able to go out on a hike today
and met up with this beauty.

Yesterday Mr. Wonderful took me out to lunch 
at our new favorite Indian restaurant.

It is close to Trader Joe's so when we eat there
we always stop at TJ's and find something

I left with armloads of flowers and filled the
house with blooms.  For now, we will still have
to buy our flowers but from the look of the 
daffodil bulbs that I divided last Fall, we should 
have a bumper crop in a few weeks.

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  1. Lovely, just lovely my friend. I wish I lived closer. I know there is a reason that I found you on the streets of Paris. Enjoy your Easter.


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