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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Outside My Window ~ Prague

The courtyard glows in the early morning light.
Our apartment in Prague has four large rooms
with huge windows that overlook the courtyard,

The sign for the cafe says, "Popo Cafe Petl, All in One".
Each day they unfurl an awning, put out some chairs and 
tables and get down to business.  Yesterday we all took
a nap since we have jetlag and we awoke to yelling from
raucous customers at the cafe.  At one point I looked out
and one of the men was on the ground, having fallen out
of his chair.  When we arrived home late last night we saw
a few young guys going in for a late night drink.

Meanwhile, a few yards away is another little cafe in
the courtyard located in this little tent.  The clientele
at this one seem much more reserved.

The magpies enjoy flitting in and out of the
wisteria, I've been trying to catch a photo of 
them but they are too fast for me.  The residents
of this courtyard are starting to stir, time to 
unfurl the awnings and start anew.


  1. So cool. So, are you blogging on here and on your travel blog? travel.blogspot.com? Just learning as I want to change things up on my "world tour" and blog rather than journal and FB!


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