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Monday, July 13, 2015

Going Old World in Prague ~ Cafe Slavia

We were exhausted after returning by train from a 
day spent out of the city in Kutna Hora.   Though we
all could have fallen into bed for a nap we also realized
we were running out of time in Prague.  The next day 
we were traveling to Istanbul so if we wanted to see 
everything on our list, we had to slap ourselves awake 
and get to Cafe Slavia.

Cafe Slavia opened in 1881 and has been the place to 
meet for writers, artists, poets and performers.  It is
located along the river right across the street from the
National Theatre.  It is the type of place to gather and
discuss and debate politics, art and the latest projects
of the movers and shakers in the art world. Vaclav Havel
 used to hang out here.

As we were enjoying our hot drinks, Midi nodded to a 
nearby table and said, "Check out this guy, looks like a
truck driver, sounds like an opera singer".  Yeah, it's 
that kind of place, a few tables away a beautiful woman 
was being interviewed by a nervous guy.  The woman's
cute cocker spaniel ended up jumping up on the guy 
for a taste of his dessert and that broke the ice and 
allowed the guy to relax and get on with it.

As you enter the main door be sure to check out the
sweets case and remember the number of the item 
you want to order.

Try to get a table along the river for great views 
of Prague Castle.  It is lovely to sit and watch the 
boats on the river and the people walking by.

It is nice to go late in the afternoon for a
snack and coffee.  A piano player performs 
late in the day and it is a perfect place to relax 
and soak in a bit of Prague history.

For us, the guys headed home afterwards but Kate
and I took one final stroll over the Charles Bridge
to say goodbye to Prague.

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