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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Day at the University

It is Fun Going Back to School When
 You Don't Have to Worry About Studying!

I spent the day on the Ball State University
campus today.  Spring Break starts today
and I went to bring Brennan home.
 I had a great time having lunch with
students and parents who are well read,
well traveled and interesting.

Brennan is in his Junior year of high
school at the Indiana Academy.  We
are lucky that our state recognizes the
need to challenge high performing students
and offers the Academy for those who
qualify.  Three hundred top high school students
from around the state spend their Junior
and Senior year on a university campus.
This is a boarding school but I don't want
people to think we are the super rich
sending our kid to some snobby, chi-chi
school ~ far from it.  Brennan is here due
to his own hard work and he loves it.

After lunch we went over to
the Art Museum.

They have a lovely and

eclectic collection.

After the museum Brennan had to
study for a midterm so I went off on
my own to explore the campus and
admire the architecture.
Later in the afternoon I had a few
Parent/Teacher conferences.  It is
great being the parent of good students
because after you hear how well your
kid is doing and what a great person
he is, you have plenty of time to talk
about travel and books and theatre
with very interesting people.

While Brennan packed I hung out
in the lounge, I felt like I was back at
school.  I dared Danny's Dad to do his
final conference using a Keith Richard
accent but I don't think he will...
Now I have my guy home with me
for a whole week ~ bring on the
Indian food!

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  1. mmmm, Indian food....

    What a terrific idea focusing resources on, you know, the best and the brightest. Pity that isn't so rare in our society.

    Really enjoy these glimpses into your life Ellen.


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