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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gift from Ireland ~ Present Perfect

We Are Family No Matter Where We Live

Many, many years ago
Uncle Jamie was traveling through
Ireland with my brother, and my
Mum & Dad.  In all the pubs
they went to (and yes, there
were many) he would see trays
that said Murphy's Irish Stout
and thought that would be a great
present to bring home for a couple
of Murphys.  So he called the brewery
and told them he had relatives named
Murphy in the States and could he buy
a tray to bring back to them? 
They said, "Lad, just come out to the
brewery and we will give you a tray
as a present to bring back to our
family in America."  And that began
the great search through County
Cork for the Lady's Well Brewery. 
They drove through the Irish
countryside, uphill and down dale
for what seemed like hours.  They
could see it in the distance but just
couldn't find the right road to get them
there.  Finally they made it there and
the gift was presented and lo these
many years it still has a place of
honor in our home.

Gu raibh maith agat,
Uncle Jamie!

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  1. You Murphys are just too cool. Ireland is now on top of our Bucket List, soon soon soon, I hope.


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