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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Dreams of India

My Fascination with a Foreign Land

I guess I never gave all that
much thought to India while I
was growing up.  Then I went
 to college and one of my roommates
had spent the first 10 years of
her life in India.

Sonj introduced me to a color
and vibrancy I had never known
before.  She told me tales of the
snakes and the tigers, and stories
of life in her family's palace.  She told
me the story of how her Mom & Dad
met and the tales and legends she
had grown up with.  I got to know her
handsome brother who would come to
visit us and was so nice and polite and
her adorable little sister who was a
"little Sonj".

On the weekends we were usually
the only ones in our apartment and
we would watch the great Indian films
on a scratchy VHF channel (this was
pre-cable).  Her Mom would often
send up food to sample and this is
how I really fell in love with India.
The aroma, the intensity, the spice ~
captured me.

And even now, many years
after those college days,
it is still my favorite food.

When my family goes out
for a meal our first choice
is Indian food.  Luckily my
kids enjoy it, they have been
eating it since they were young.

We even cook Indian food
at home, our fridge is filled
with Indian condiments.
Of course, ours can't compare
with Sonj's Mom's food.

Our local Midwestern grocery
store even sells a decent Naan.

I still have not visited India ~ it
is on my bucket list.  But in a way,
I feel I have already been there
through the stories and tales
from Sonj.

Thank you, Sonjui!


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  1. I admit, I was never interested as a kid in India--give me a book or a history lesson on Europe and I was enthralled, but never had too much interest in the rest of the world. My youngest brother, who is one of my best friends, met a girl in college whose parents emigrated from India as young adults. My brother & SIL married almost ten years ago and I adore her, love her family and extended family. My interest in India has grown as a result of knowing my wonderful SIL. Indian food--LOVE it! The choices here for restaurants are Chinese, Thai, or Indian food, and I always jump for Indian food--the spicier, the better. I make it at home, too, but anything tastes better when somebody else makes it! LOL


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