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Monday, March 7, 2011

Gracious Living is the Finest Art

Wandering Through an Art Museum

While on campus to pick up Brennan
last week, I stopped in to the Art Museum
at Ball State University.

I have a degree in Fine Art.

So I sometimes feel I have spent
half of my life roaming through museums.

I find art to be a very personal
thing and I like to go through
a museum by myself and meet
up with my companions at the
end of my visit.

Generally I can only spend about
an hour in a museum or it all starts
to become a blur.  There are times,
though, when I go by myself and
get lost in the Met or the Frick for
a good part of the day.

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  1. Can we go by ourselves together sometime, Ellen??? Then have lunch together?

    Becky Youngman


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