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Monday, March 21, 2011

Goodwill Hunting ~ The Pewter Collection


About this time last year
we were spending our Spring
Break in Williamsburg, Virginia.
For those that are not familiar
with Williamsburg, it is a
living history museum in a
very historic part of the US.
And one of my favorite places.

So I decided on this trip I was
going to buy myself a pewter
wall sconce for a particular
place in my dining room.
I have some pewter and was
looking to expand my collection.

I went to the Pewter Shop and
looked around and decided to
wait until my friend Melissa
arrived to go back and pick one
out.  Honestly, we just never
got around to it. 

There happens to be a few really
great thrift stores in the area
and while looking through one
I found the sconce above.
I was thrilled, just along the
lines of what I wanted.

I was very happy with my
"find".  As we were heading
out of town on the last day
we were passing a thrift
store and had to have one
last look.  I hit the
pewter motherload...
I couldn't carry it all myself.

I found some that are
not very old, but I
still took them.

Some that are funky.

Some that are not real
old but old enough to
interest me.

And this one, that I
think is old but even
if it's not, I don't care.
I love it!

I think there are two camps
when it comes to antiques.
One camp wants to go to
a chi-chi store and buy their
stuff there.  And then there
are people like me, who love
to pick through a pile of junk
to find the gem.  The hunt is
as much fun as finding the

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