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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Travel Tales: Saturday Market in Fuengirola, Spain

Rastro de Sabado

On a Saturday morning in southern
Spain we decided to do what we love
best ~ wander through a market.
We heard tales of the Saturday market
in Fuengirola and zipped up the coast
along the A-7 coastal road.  Thankfully, Rob
is a great driver in Spain and I can put it
all in his hands.  The A-7 is known as one
of the most dangerous in Europe,  you drive
for maybe a quarter mile and then have
a roundabout, over and over.  Then you exit
into one of the villages and have streets that
I call mirror-scrapers, no street used for cars
should be that narrow.  We had no idea where
the feria (fairground) was but drove through
the streets and when we gave up we just
parked down by the beach and decided to
walk around.  We found out the market was
just a few blocks up from the beach so we
left the car in one hour parking and headed
to the feria.

Once we were in the market we realized
this is bigger than we expected.  The
market stretched as far as the eye could
see and this was only one lane of maybe
five or six.  After a while, Rob decided
he had better go back and move the car
since we were going to be here awhile.

I rarely get to be completely alone
when I'm traveling.  It was fun to
interact with the vendors ~ Spanish
men are very flirtatious with a woman
who is alone, whether they are 18 or 85.
The plan with Rob was he would move
the car and come back to the market and we
would meet at the end of the first lane.
When I got to end I got a drink and
waited, and waited in the hot sun.  Finally
Rob spotted me, he had returned and went
to our meeting spot and I wasn't there
(it took time to negotiate with the flirting
Spanish men) he was worried and started
looking for me.  Now all was well and we
went exploring...

This is a huge market that sells
a bit of everything.  There are
ex-pats selling antiques from their
home countries, fruit and veg, knock-off
purses, furniture, part car boot sale, decor
items, piles of dirty old clothes, ancient
household appliances, not vintage, just old.
As you walk along you pass people with
wheelbarrows filled with clementines and
the scent is delicious ~ it is the smell
of Spain.

We picked up some old
candleholders from Portugal
since our rental didn't have any
and we must dine by candlelight.

A lantern for late nights
on our terrace.

A salt container that is in my
kitchen at home and I look at everyday.

My favorite purchases were
these additions to my
alarm clock collection.
This one even says Malaga,
a city on the Costa del Sol.

I purchased this clock from a little
 old Spanish man who kept assuring
me that it worked and he kept
winding the clock.  I couldn't come
up with the correct words in Spanish
to tell him I couldn't take something
that "ticks" on the plane...

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  1. Yes, spring is coming!!!! And you have picked nice things and you are right: a "ticking" thing is not good on the plane....
    Greetings from Regina with a lot of sunshine today!!!!!


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