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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finding Some Old Stuff

Paducah, Kentucky

I would be happy if all I
did for the rest of my life
was walk around the world
and look at old stuff.

I don't mean just the grand
palaces but also the forgotten,

the neglected,

and the abandoned.

What was this building with
this beautiful tile floor?

If I lived in Paducah I'd want
a place that had a porch like
this.  It is right on the main drag
of the old downtown, on the
second floor over an antique store.
I could see friends passing by and
say come on up for some tea.

I'd want my entryway
to look something like this.

I would like a lamp like
this to light my street up
at night,

or this one,

or this one.

I hope we can preserve our
beautiful old downtowns
because the Disney version
of Main Street USA
just isn't as interesting.

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