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Friday, May 20, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Spring Garden Tour

I know it is late in May
but it has either been quite
cold or very rainy around
here, so we are just getting
the garden in now.

I bought a few flats
of annuals for containers.

I didn't go crazy this year
because I will be gone for
such a long period of time and
didn't want to have too much
watering for those that will
help me with the garden
while I'm away.

Let's take a look around
the Spring garden.  It will
be interesting to look again later
in the season to see the changes.
This is a hanging basket
that has just been planted.

The perennial border.

The butterfly garden.

Herbs gone wild.

Vegetable garden.
And my shadow...

I love to grow my own
food.  I am an Irish
girl after all...

A trellis I made, I grow
morning glories on it.

I include the birds
in my garden.

We haven't set up the
gazebo yet but we have
a candle-lit chandelier in
there and it is a great
place to end the evening.

The back 40.

Here is one of the toads
that live here,  I try to
encourage them to stay
since they eat tons of

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