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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Load Out

That Year Went By So Fast!

We are lucky to live in a state
that is doing something right
as far as education is concerned.
Each year, Indiana takes 150
of its top Junior and Senior High
School students and puts them
on a college campus for their
final 2 years of High School.
And our son Brennan was one
of the Juniors this year at
the Indiana Academy of Science,
Mathematics and Humanities.

Brennan & Sarah

Today was graduation for
Seniors but also the day
everyone had to be out of
the dorm.  It was a bit chaotic.

There were tons of loft beds
and computers and microwaves
and mini fridges.  I remember
going off to college with a trunk and a
bunch of art supplies.  I had one of
those little metal containers with a
heating element in it so I could heat
up water ~  what were they called?

Rob taking apart the loft bed
 so we could fit it in the car.

Sarah, Ranshitha & Brennan. 
All the kids are so sad to be apart
for the summer, but in the blink
of an eye, they will be moving in
again in August.

Farewell Academy!
We will see you in a few months.
By the time these kids actually
go to college we will be pros at
dorm moves...

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