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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Words of Wisdom: The Moscow Rules

Or How To Be A Good Spy

The Moscow Rules are a set
of rules said to have been
developed by the CIA to be used
by spies and others working
in Moscow during the Cold War.

The Moscow Rules

1. Assume nothing.

2.  Never go against your gut.

3.  Everyone is potentially
under opposition control.

4.  Don't look back; you are
never completely alone.

5.  Go with the flow, blend in.

6.  Vary your pattern and stay
within your cover.

7.  Lull them into a sense
of complacency.

8.  Don't harass the opposition.

9.  Pick a time and place
for action.

10. Keep your options open.

I have always tried to teach
my kids how to be good spies.
I have a copy of the Moscow
Rules hanging next to the sink
in our kitchen.  The Cold War
may be over but I have found
these rules can apply for any
number of situations; work,
social and family situations
or if your just trying to make
it through Junior High School.

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  1. LOL, these would be funny to hang up. Especially #7.

    I mentioned you on my blog today as I passed on the Versatile Blogger Award. I really enjoy reading your posts!

    Grrr...blogger problems. You can check out your mention at The Quilty Home Blog.