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Monday, May 23, 2011

Travel Tales: Le Rouvray ~ Paris

Fabric + Paris = Heaven

On a lovely little street
in a lovely little section
of Paris...

...is the lovely little quilt
shop called Le Rouvray.
Of course, in Europe quilting is
generally referred to as patchwork.

When I visited I was lucky
to meet the owner of the shop.
She greeted me in French but
when she found out I was an
American, she began speaking
perfect English.  It turns out
the beautiful, stylish and oh, so
Parisian Madame is from just
north of us in Michigan.
Some say, Madame is to be credited
with bringing the love for patchwork
to Europe.  This shop has been around
for a long time.

Madame allowed me to go
downstairs into the caves to
search for these beautiful
Provencal fabrics.  I would
pull out rolls of fabric and
the girls working in the shop
would spin and rip off meters
of fabric for me. 

Madame sent me home with
fabric swatches of French fabrics,

and information about the
shop so I could report
about my visit for my guilds.

As I was leaving, Madame & I
chased a cat, who had decided
to visit the shop, out the door.

On my flight home, the only things
in my carry on were my new
French copper kettle and my
French fabrics.  If the airline
lost my clothes, I'd buy more,
but I would not let them
lose the important things
in life...

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  1. You were very lucky! I visited Le Rouvray a few years ago but was not invited "downstairs" to see, touch and feel the rolls. My daughter went to the Louvre and I went to Le Rouvray. :-)