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Friday, March 23, 2012

Building the Empire

Quilt Hangers

International Quilt Market is in late May
but with a trip to Europe & Asia for a few
weeks added to an already full calender,
it will be here in no time.
I have been trying to prepare as much as
I can before I go away so I'm not worrying
through my entire vacation.
One of the things I had to figure out was
how would I hang my quilts in a quick
and efficient manner in my booth.
I did a research trip to Market in Houston
to check out how others handled things
and really didn't come away with any great
ideas for hanging quilts.  After many years
as a Theatrical Prop Mistress, I know if you
need something and can't easily find it, get
ready to make it yourself...  Here goes.

For the rod I am using plastic plumbing
pipe, cut 2" longer than the width of the
quilt.  I used a miter saw, but if you have
a chop saw, it would cut like butter.

Place your pipe and a long metal level
on a flat surface and mark a straight
pencil line along the pipe, this will come
in handy in the next step.

Drill a hole on each end about a 1/2"
from the edge.  Be sure to drill straight
down on top of the pencil line, this
is important so your wire will allow
the rod to hang evenly.

Cut heavy duty wire (I used a 9 gauge
galvanized utility wire) in 1 foot lengths.
I needed to use a 24" bolt cutter to cut
this, it is tough stuff.  Place 1" of the wire
in a vise and bend it over forming a
right angle.

Hammer the wire near the bend to
make that angle as crisp as possible.

Tape the bent ends of the 2 wires with
your prototype, that way you will maintain
a uniform size.

Now holding the bent ends in your
left hand, place the loop of the prototype
around a pole that is similar in size to the
poles you will be hanging your quilts from.
With your right hand, bend the straight wires
around the pole, it takes some muscle.
(Note: I used the pole from an umbrella on
an old outdoor dining table to bend my wire,
it was very stable.)

These are the finished wire hangers.

Sand the edges and drilled holes on your
plastic pipe and spray paint the edges of
your pipe.  My drapery will be black, so I
used black paint, make sure to shoot the
paint into the inside of the pipe as well.

Allow paint to dry completely, then
place the shorter end of loop through
the 2 holes in the pipe,

now slide pipe over the loop and
have it come to rest like this.

Put pipe through the hanging sleeve
of your quilt, add another wire to the
other end and hang away.
This has worked perfectly, it hangs
straight, it is lightweight yet sturdy
and it looks good.
Best of all, I get to cross another
"to do" off the list.

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