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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Desserts

Yum In Any Language

One of the great things about going on
vacation is the food.  And for my son
Brennan, that means sampling as much
ice cream as possible.

(Note: After he ate this, he said, "Umm,
that was good, can I have another?")

Years ago, on their first trip to Paris, the
kids had some spending money.  Kate bought
prints and jewelry and fashion and Brennan
bought gelato.  There was a gelato shop next
door to our apartment and he quickly became
a regular.  The lady that ran the shop would make
the gelato into beautiful rose shapes for him.

When traveling around the world with
him, we would look at him devour these
monsterous desserts after a big meal.

Where does he put it?

Ice cream is just more fun when
served in a coconut or pineapple.

Check out these toppings in the market in
Bangkok ~ sticky rice, red bean, corn and
black jelly ~ hmmmm, tasty...
What do you think black jelly is????

This was one of his finds in Cambodia.
You lounge on these giant bed/couches,
have free wifi & eat ice cream ~ priceless.

Ha!  Yeah, that says it all...

Now he's off traveling the world without
us.  He left Paris yesterday for Copenhagen.
He said he didn't make it back to his gelato
shop from years ago but, he did make it to
Berthillon.  I wonder if there's good ice cream
in Copenhagen?

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  1. Yes.
    Yes, there is good ice cream in Copenhagen. :D