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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is a Threadcutter?

Well, it cuts thread...

But the reason it is important is
you can bring it on the plane.
I can't sleep on planes, even that
16 hour long haul Hong Kong to
New York ~ nope, not a wink.
And If I don't have something to
do, I will not enjoy myself.  So,
I stitch.  In fact, I have a cross
stitch project that is something I
do only when I travel,  it stays in
my luggage with the TSA locks and
all the electrical adapters.

Some countries/ airlines do allow a
small rounded edged scissor but
not all of them.

When Mr. Wonderful was leaving
Thailand last year, the round-the-
world group dumped all of our excess
clothing and gift purchases on him.
We bought an extra suitcase in the
market and filled it with statues, tee
shirts and enough scarves to make
a circus tent.  But since he was going
taxi to airport to car and Korean Air
allowed 2 checked bags it was the
smarter way to get everything home.
But that cute manicure set I bought
on the beach in Pattaya no longer has
its scissor.  We stuck that in a carry on
and the scissor wasn't allowed in the

Hence, the threadcutter.  There is a
cutting blade enclosed inside the metal
but the only thing it can cut is thread or
something small enough to fit between
those teeny indents on the edge.  It is
available in the notions department of
craft stores, I think it's under $10.

Happy Stitching & Traveling!

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