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Friday, March 30, 2012

I Made It To The Top!

The Acropolis

As a student of art and the classics and
mythology, I have read and studied alot
about The Acropolis, but that is nothing
like seeing it in person.  This was my first
view of it on the night I arrived in Athens.

I couldn't wait for morning to come so we
could go explore it.  We hiked up the stairs
and steep streets until we got up to The
Acropolis, and there it was ~ spread out
before me...

The Temple of Athens Nike.
Built in 426 - 421 BC to commemorate the
Athenian's victories over the Persians.

The Erechtheion

Built between 421 and 406 BC, it is situated
on the most sacred site of the Acropolis.  It is
said to be where Poseidon left his trident marks
in a rock and Athena's olive tree sprouted.

The Porch of the Caryatids

I've always called them the Headache
ladies because that's got to hurt the head!

The Acropolis

One of the most famous buildings in
the world, built from 447 to 438 BC.

I like the statue of this guy, one of the few
remaining statues in the temple, it just seems
as if he's hanging out watching the world go by.

Theatre of Herodes Atticus

Originally built in AD 161, it is still in use today.

It was superb!

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