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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Celadon Pottery

I love celadon pottery.  I have many
lovely pieces, especially since JK knows
I love it and gives me beautiful gifts like
this one.  Celadon is the name of the color
of the pale jade green glaze.

I also collect blue & white Japanese
pottery and we refer to this type as
"my pattern" because I love the way
the celadon looks with the blue and
I'm always searching for more pieces
of this style.

I visited Topkapi Palace in Istanbul
recently and I found it interesting that
celadon pottery was very popular with
the Sultans.  It was not due to its beauty
though, it was believed that poisoned
food would change color when served on
celadon pottery.  Thankfully, we don't have
those issues...


In the ChataChuk market in Bangkok
there were stalls filled with celadon.
When I see this photo I ask why didn't
I buy those stacking platters in the upper
right corner, the ones with the elephant
motif.  I suspect it was because I almost
fainted from the heat.  Next time it's mine!

I did pick up a few pieces as I traveled
around Asia.  Two of them I keep on this
old wooden cabinet in my bedroom.  The
one on the right is for a candle or incense
and is beautiful when a candle is lit inside.

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