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Saturday, May 12, 2012


We heard the terrible news this week
of a sixth young person in the past few
years that had some connection to our
family who left this world far too early.

The first five were due to accidents or
illness but this last one was a suicide.
A suicide, the family says that happened
because their loved one was bullied at a
new school. 

For middle school and high school, our
family had the priviledge of being part
of a very unique school.  It was a small
K-12 public school, where if your kids
went there you all were a part of the 
Burris family.  So this week has hit us
hard, it is about family.

Sadly, through all my years of parenting,
I think bullying starts by what kids hear
at home.  I have heard parents say awful
things in front of their kids and then the
kids think this is the way to behave.
Every time a parent makes a racist comment,
or a homophobic comment or says, "That
chick has a fat *ss" ~ yeah, you are teaching
a kid to be a bully. 

Because bullying can bring an unimaginable
consequence.  And sadness.  And unending
pain for those left behind.

Some people gage their success in life by the
size of their house or the cars they drive but
I look at this photo and know I was successful.
It is a pile if shoes that were kicked off at the
front door and it means a ton of kids were hanging
out at our house.  They were with friends, they were
being goofy and they were having fun.  For us, it
meant staying home on weekend nights and having
to buy a few bags of snacks and making a pan of
brownies and it was all worth it.  I loved those days.

And for all those kids that have passed through our
door and our lives through the years, for that matter
any adults as well.  If you need advice, if you need a
good meal, if you need help, if you just need to talk or
if you just want to get away for awhile and sit in the
garden with a cute dog.  Come here...
The door is open and you are not alone.

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  1. My deepest sympathies to you and the family... so incredibly sad...