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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Murphy's Farm

Planting Day!

Yes, I know our last frost date is not
until May 10th but it was either plant
and take the chance or maybe not have
a garden at all this year.
The Early Girl tomatoes are peaking through
the tops of the frost jackets.  I planted them
on March 25th.

I made a trellis from some scrap
pieces of wood.  I had to give up one
of my raised beds this year because a
cat decided to use it as a litter box and
since I grow food, that icked me out...
So this year it will be for ornamental
gourds and mini pumpkins.

Today I planted tomatoes, zucchini,
eggplants and cucumbers.

I'll actually be home for most of the
summer this year ~ that hasn't
happened in years.  I look forward
to the watching the progress and
the harvest!

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