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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When in Kansas City...

...Eat Barbecue at Oklahoma Joe's

Kansas City is known for its BBQ and
Oklahoma Joe's is THE place to get it.
We had read it was in a gas station and
we pictured an old gas station redone
as a restaurant.  No.  It is a functioning
gas station, with the pumps out front, a
convenience store inside and a famous
BBQ joint thrown in for good measure.

Did I mention there is a line to get in?
We waited for an hour but there were
these great guys from Sweden and
Germany in front of us, and the time
flew by since we were having so much fun.

Anthony Bourdain has included this place
on his list of "13 places to eat before you die"
and that list includes such notables as El Bulli,
French Laundry and Le Bernardin. 
Not bad company...

Mr. Wonderful had the ribs and
pulled pork with creamy slaw.

I had the pulled pork and brisket
with a fabulous potato salad.  I had
to take half of mine home.  The sauce
was out of this world!

Hmmm, they don't have this aisle
in my local gas station convenience store.

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