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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Building the Empire: Photo Shoots

The other day I had to leave Me Time
early because I had to take pictures
for some new covers.  Someone asked,
"how long can it take to take some pictures?"
I am now into day 3...

Ask most small business owners and they
will tell you they do it all.  My product is
(good or bad) all me.  I design it, I make it,
I write the pattern, I input it all into the
publishing program, it take all the pictures,
I do all the illustrations and I sell it.
The only thing someone else handles is the
printing, I just don't have room for those
machines.  This is not true for every pattern
designer,  there are some who send a sketch
to a pattern writing company and have
photographers and graphic designers.
This would not work for my Type C
(as in control) personality...

This is my little photo shoot set-up.
Various backgrounds which are just
scrapbooking paper, fake berries and
greenery that I pulled from arrangements
in my house, prop pieces that are decor
in my house.  It is quick and easy to
set up, and I can move it around to get
the best natural light.  You can use pieces
of white foam core board as bounce cards,
position them outside of the photo to
bounce the light around and eliminate
 shadows ~ they work great.

And now, back to work.

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