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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Last Hurrah Tour ~ 1st Anniversary

One year ago today, a group of adventurers
set off to circumnavigate the globe.  It was
two pair of siblings, one pair under 20 years
old, the other pair, umm, over 20 years old.

We explored the world, used all sorts of
transportation, talked to people, ate the
local food and relished the experience.

From the land of the midnight sun in
Reykjavik, Iceland...

to the European elegance of Amsterdam...

to that magical time in Cairo between the
Revolution and the first uprising...

to the splendor of Bangkok,

to the peace and beauty of Chaing Mai, Thailand...

to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...

to the majesty of Angkor Wat in Cambodia...

to relaxing in Pattaya, Thailand...

to the wonders of Hong Kong.

Where did the year go? 

 And where are we going next?

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  1. Hard to believe that it is a year ago... Also due to work commitments, school appointments and civil strife we could not repeat that same itinerary today. We all traveled with the moto "Carpe Diem"; I'm happy that we found that moment in time and siezed it to our advantage.

    Here's to our future travels.....


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