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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Years ago I planted this hygrangea plant.  It
never really took off, then it had to be moved
because we were putting in a new air conditioning
unit.  After moving, it never produced blooms.
It would leaf out but nothing else.
And this year, blooms!  I'm so happy!

Over at my Mum's house, this plant has
gone wild this year.

It is blooming in purples and pinks...

and even some yellow.

I love to take photographs of them
in the soft, early morning light.

We always had a hydrangea in the corner
of the backyard of my childhood home. 
That is probably why I love them so, I can
remember putting them in vases in my
bedroom.  Maybe that's why blue is my
favorite color ~ especially in the hydrangeas,
they have that sweet, heavenly blue...

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