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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Vegetarian Summer

We are enjoying a (mostly) vegetarian summer.
Our kids are home from school for the next few
months and one of our kids is a strict vegetarian
so to make it easier and healthier all around we
have all joined the bandwagon and are eating
mainly veggies.  We are pouring through cook
books and checking out recipes on Pinterest.
We have had some delightful meals and a few
clunkers...  I generally fill up a big grocery cart
each week before I even get out of the produce
area.  I think all these fruits and veggies are
making our bodies feel better.  I must admit,
when the vegetarian is not going to be home for
dinner we do take out an order of ribs or throw
a few kabobs on the grill.  Honestly, I could
really get used to this style of eating.

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