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Saturday, February 8, 2014


I HATE to complain.  I'm okay with firing off an
email when something is not right but to confront
someone in person ~ oh no...  Last week we stayed 
in a beautiful resort in Estepona, it was lovely.  They
said they wanted us to feel at home and we only 
could wish that our home could be so beautiful.

Yesterday we moved to Marbella for week two of
our vacation.  Marbella - land of the jet set and 
Saudi Princes.  We had never stayed here before
and were excited because we expected it to be
great... it wasn't.  Our first condo was in one of 
the original buildings and it just looked old. 
We spent the night but knew we couldn't spend
the week in it, so we complained.  Well, I wrote
emails that got us nowhere and Mr. Wonderful
did the face to face complaining.  Anyone who 
knows him knows he is a very easy going guy,
so if you have to be complained to, I guess it is
better by someone like him.

They couldn't move us back to the resort in
Estepona but they did move us to another condo 
in a newer building.  Same decor but in better
shape.  The kitchen ~ I have to say I despise
stainless steel appliances, I call it CSI Kitchen.
I think of food as a passionate creation and I 
don't want to prepare it in a place that looks 
like a morgue.  It is so Kitty Bartholomew in the 
90's or Martha post divorce...

The drapes in the living room are gold, in the other 
condo they were a sickly salmon as were the pillows.
I didn't want to touch them.

But what makes the move worth it is the view
from the patio.  Yeah, I could look at that all day.

And the view from bed is nice too.

I think it is necessary to sometimes complain
to get what will make you happy.  After all we
all pay a lot of money when we travel and we 
shouldn't allow ourselves to be miserable.  In 
the other condo we would have been miserable
and that would have made a week of  precious
vacation time be awful.  Now I'm not saying 
complain about every little last thing, that would
be hateful.  But telling a hotel professional about
your problem can lead to a good outcome for all.

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