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Monday, February 24, 2014

Eggcup Pincushions

When I travel, I like to bring home a little gift for
my friends.  Something that evokes the feel of the
country I have traveled in.  

I explored many of the villages along the
southern coast of Spain, I was looking for
something sewing related that also 
was Spanish.

I strolled many flower bedecked lanes, 
popping into shops but I couldn't find
the right thing...

Daily, I would stop off in a cafe to 
contemplate my conumdrum.

Haha, there's something for me.
That's my name when I'm in Spain.

Finally, it dawned on me at one of the 
morning markets.  I'd have to get a little
crafty but I could take an everyday item
and make it into a gift that reflected the
feel of Spain and be sewing related.

I took a decorative eggcup (handpainted
in Spain), then I made a yoyo and stuffed 
it with fiberfill then popped it into the space
where the egg would go and voila! 
I hope my friends enjoy them.


  1. OMG I LOVE these, how unique. You ARE brilliant!!

  2. Just love all the bright colors.