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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We headed south along the coast of Spain on
the A-7 to visit another country today.
Mainly, we were going to see the Rock of

After crossing the border you then have to
cross the airport's runway to get into town.

As soon as you arrive you see signs
of Britian.  Gibraltar is a British
Overseas Territory.

We strolled along the high street which is filled 
with traditional pubs, souvenir shops and shops
selling alcohol and cigarettes.

You can imagine you are in an English village.

But the main reason people come here is
to make it to the top of the rock.  We took
the cable car up.

There are beautiful views of the 
surrounding area.

This is a view of the Strait of Gibraltar
with Morocco in the distance.

The most enjoyable part for me was to
watch the apes that live on the rock.

After coming down again we stopped
for some pub grub for lunch.

Before leaving town I had to stop in at
Morrison's.  It is the store that all the 
British expats living in Spain go to in
order to get their products from back
home.  I was looking for Smarties ~ one 
of my favorites.  They had every 
Cadbury item available but no Smarties.

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  1. e-mail me your address and I will send you some smarties, I love them too!

  2. Mad about Craft ~ you are so sweet, maybe as sweet as Smarties! I am happy to report I have found success in the Duty Free shop and I bought the extra large bag of Smartie Minis. My jetlagged self just enjoyed a little box of them ~ yum! Thank you for your very kind offer. Do you live in England? All the best, ~ Ellen