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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Seeing the World Through Wine

For Anthala

When I see people taking great photos, I will
often ask them if I can see the shot.  It is a 
great way to share ideas and information.
On one of our first nights in Spain we were on
the beach watching the sunset and a group of
3 young people came on the beach and sat a
few chairs away from us.  One of the young
women in the group was in the sand at one 
point taking photos with her phone.  After
the woman's friends had gone back to the 
resort I yelled over to ask if she was taking
a photo of the glass of wine or through the 
glass of wine.  She called back to say she was 
on the phone with her brother but would 
show me when she got off the phone.  After 
a bit she came over and Rob & I got into a 
fabulous conversation with her.  It was one
of those instances when we made an instant
connection with a fellow traveler, we all had 
so much to share and talk about, it was 
wonderful.  It was the same connection we
have made many other times, such as Tess,
Adithya, Ahmet, Sumi and Avnish, Olivia, 
Barb & Steve for example.

We were in such a fabulous conversation we 
didn't realize the sun had completely set and
a lot of time had gone by.  Suddenly Anthala's
friends returned to the beach.  They had been
texting her and searching for her and were 
quite concerned when they couldn't reach her.
Whoops!  Sorry about that...

Finally, we got around to looking at her photos.
She was taking a photo through the glass of wine
and it was very cool looking.  We decided we 
should do a series of these shots as we travel
using the local wines of the region we are 
traveling in.  So here is my first shot, we have
had a busy trip and quite a bit of rain so this was
the first chance I got to shoot the sunset through
the local Spanish vino blanco.  This will be the
first in the series.

It was great to meet you Anthala!

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