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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Road to Ronda, Spain

Today's adventure was a visit to the beautiful 
mountaintop village of Ronda.

"I have sought everywhere the city of my
 dreams and I have finally found it in Ronda"
    ~Rainer Maria Rilke

We started from our condo on the beach and 
headed up the San Pedro Road through the 

After my first trip, I swore I would NEVER
go back by car.  On my last trip, that would
have been my eye in the car except it had a
tear coming out of it.

I admit my first trip up the mountain was
awful.  It is a 2 lane road with constant twists
and turns but what made it awful was the 
daredevil motorcyclists that were weaving 
between cars and banking so far in the curves
that it was frightening.

This photo shows the tree line, the area 
where trees can no longer thrive.

And when you reach the top it is nothing
but rock, some scrub and mosses.

And then you come upon the beautiful city
of Ronda, like an oasis in a desert.

"There is nothing more startling in Spain 
than this wild and mountainous city."
                  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Ronda is home to Spain's oldest bullring.
Bull fighting is still an important part of
Spanish culture.

The views into the surrounding valley are
delightful.  I wonder what life is like for the
people living in these farmhouses?

And the views beyond of the surrounding
mountains are breathtaking.  What a variety
of color.

This is a lovely spot to take in the view.
Today there was a harpist playing in 
the gazebo.

You don't realize the plunge until you 
look at it from this angle.

Hem is popular here, as he is in many places.
He spent summers here researching bull fighting.

It is a lovely little city filled with cafes and 
restaurants, many with spectacular views.

Everyone has their cameras out for shots
of the Puente Nuevo or New Bridge, odd to
call it new since it was built from 1751-1793. 
But that just shows how old this city is.  How
did people get to this place back then?

The bridge spans this canyon, it 
reminds me of the legs of an elephant.

I love to stroll through the narrow,
winding streets.

I peek into the courtyards.  I would
like to live there.

And spend a quiet Sunday afternoon
near the church.

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