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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Market at Fuengirola

If I'm in southern Spain and it is Saturday you
will find me here at the Fuengirola Market at the
fairground.  It is one of the largest markets in Spain.

We park under the orange trees near the art store.

Then the hunt begins!  For the girl who likes
old stuff, this is heaven.  There is a little bit
of everything here and it is not too artfully
arranged, I like the thrill of finding a treasure
among the junk.

I love the idea of buying my produce right
from the wheelbarrow.

Ummm ~ yeah, it's Spain.

This is my favorite style of treasure hunting,
poking through boxes.

Here is a perfect combination, tiles, great door,
old cameras and clocks ~ yum.

So what did I buy?  An assortment of vintage
household items with foreign words on them,
I am an absolute sucker for this stuff.

A Spanish slipware piece and some very
cool knives and forks.  We plan to use them
for spearing olives and spreading cheese.

And a score!!!  I always admired the tobacco
jars at Colonial Williamsburg but they were so
expensive for a transferware reproduction.
Today I found this, handpainted, brass lid
made in Holland and I got it for 10 euros! 

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