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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Day With Our Guy in Bloomington

Today was a beautiful Spring day in the 
American Midwest.  A much appreciated
Spring day after the long, rough Winter
we have experienced.

We headed a few hours southwest to 
visit the beautiful campus of Indiana
University in Bloomington.

Our guy in Bloomington, Brennan was
being honored today as a Founders Scholar.

There are a lot of smart kids at IU, well 
over 3000 students were being honored 
today at the Honors Convocation.

Here is our guy shaking hands with
the representative from his school.

Afterwards, there was a reception outside
around the fountain.

At the library there was a book sale and since
it was almost the end of the day, we were told
you could fill a box for $2.  Yeeps!  I regret I 
didn't buy one of the big old dictionaries, I have
always wanted one of them on a stand in our
house and the price was certainly right...

Then it was off to explore campus and 
enjoy the fabulous day.  IU is a beautiful
campus and it is fun to walk around and 
admire the architecture.  Look at that 
gorgeous blue sky!  It is the kind of sky 
that my British friend Lucie Anne used to 
call a lovely American sky.

I had never noticed these lampposts before.

This quote generated a long discussion
of life-blood.

Then it was out through the Sample gates
to find some ice cream.

I love a good ice cream shop with an 
inventive ice cream maker.  I tried
dark chocolate with basil and blueberry
with lavender.  I was disappointed that
they ran out of the Drunken Pig flavor ~
bacon, maple syrup, bourbon and pecans.

Tons of people were out and about in
Kirkwood today.

We kissed our guy good-bye and headed home and
were delighted with this spectacular sunset.

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  1. The perfect day! Congrats to your guy :0)