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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We spent a quiet Easter Sunday at Avalon,
our American Homestead.  Our Kate came 
home from school for the weekend so I thought
I'd make something vegetarian for Easter dinner.
But Mr. Wonderful had other ideas, he wanted
a ham.  I made some veggie side dishes also.

Tomato/Mozzarella Salad ~ A family favorite.

Cauliflower/Pea Salad ~ this has always been
one of Kate's favorites.  When my kids were little
they loved peas like other kids loved M&M's.  I
considered myself very lucky.

The best scalloped potatoes I ever made.
I wrote Keeper: Delicious! on the recipe.

A spiral sliced ham with a honey crust,
we'll be eating this all week...

After dinner we walked across the backyard
to have the egg cake with my Mum and sister
Trishie.  It was delish!

From our American Homestead to wherever 
you may call home, I wish you a joyous Easter.

We missed you Brennan!


  1. we missed having Easter dinner with the girls by a day....so nice your daughter was home from school...how far away is she?.....I made a ham last weekend when they first got here but it didn't come very good...I have to remember not to buy store brand things like that....my turkey this year from Publix was not good either....Oh well...like you my potatoes were great! enjoy having the daughter home...they sure make holidays so much better....

    1. Hi Sue,
      Katie's school is about 2 hours away, since she has a car it is easy for her to come for the weekend, Our son's school is 2 hours away in the other direction and since he does not have a car, it is much harder for him to get home. Kate is leaving for Spain the day after finals so we won't see her again until June. That meant there were extra tears today when saying goodbye. You are so lucky to have had the girls for a whole week!


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