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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Happy Place!

After a long, hard Winter of unrelenting cold,
too much work and too little time out of doors,
we hit the trail today.  I love how the soft early
morning sun makes everything look so pretty.

Someone has added some bottle gourds 
for birdhouses.

The white leaves catch the light so beautifully.
Why are they white?

The mosses and lichens are a brilliant 
green, they seem to glow against the
brown of the fallen leaves.

I love the dappled sunlight as it comes through
the still barren trees.

The river is very high due to the April
downpours showers.

We got to catch up with old friends.

And Mr. Cardinal serenaded us from
the treetops.


  1. Hi Ellen....I'm assuming this is your home....it's gorgeous!! how old is it...looks like it has a lot of history to that old brick. I love old homes...Our daughter had a beautiful stone farmhouse in Princeton from 1760...

    1. Hi Sue, No this is not my home. It is a home built by one of the first pioneer families to settle in this area, it is now a museum and I walk past it on my hikes. Wow, a 1760 farmhouse? We always expected to live in an old home, in fact we almost bought an 1870 Victorian but we had two 1 year olds at the time and the thought of all the lead paint turned us off. We are still living in our starter home, since my Mom moved here and lives across the backyard, we have never considered leaving. Maybe in the future we'll get an old house but we may be too old and too tired by that point...

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