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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where Are You?

I guess you have really gone into hibernation when 
even facebook is asking you, "Where are you?"

I'm here!

Though my mind may be placing me in some exotic
and exciting locale, in reality I am busy at work.
So far, I have written 16 chapters for Book #2 and
I have completed 20 of the 21 projects.  I'm hoping
to complete the first draft of all the chapters by next
week and then I will have to shift my attention to 
prepping for International Quilt Market which starts
one month from today ~ yeeps!

I will be promoting my first book, American Homestead
Quilts at Quilt Market this year so at least all of the 
projects are finished and ready to hang in the booth.

I will also be bringing along the feltwork patterns and 
a new product that will launch this year in response
to all the requests I received from my customers 
last Fall in Houston ~ stay tuned for more info.

So there is a little catch-up of where I have been and
where I will be for the next month.  I'm hoping life will
get a little more exciting in June.  I still have travel 
blog posts to write from my trip to Spain in January
and February, time is just flying...

Enjoy Spring (if it ever really comes)!

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