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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's A Start!

Weeks ago, I ordered some seeds online.  They
are varieties I can't find in my local shops.  There
is a lemon cucumber, an interesting eggplant and
a tomato that is the size of a red current.  You may 
ask, why would you want a tomato the size of a red 
current?  I found this tomato plant a few years ago
at the annual plant sale of a local master gardener.
She always tries new things but last year she didn't 
have any left by the time I got to the sale.  The tiny
tom packs alot of punch.  I would snack on them as 
I was working in the garden and found they were 
great to throw into a pasta salad or couscous and
they were an absolute surprise in egg salad.  What 
is great about them is the small size, the taste and
the fact that they are added whole to the salad and
they then do not add extra moisture to the dish.

Back when I had more time, I had my own 
potting trays and grow lights, I would mix my
 own potting soil mix, oh, those days are long 
gone...  So, I am trying one of these store bought
trays filled with peat pellets.  I had to gradually
add 10 1/2 cups of water to make the pellets
enlarge.  Then you drop the seeds into little 
indents in the pellet and cover with the peat.
I thought they seemed awfully water soaked.
Well, I'll let you know if anything grows.
Fingers crossed.

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